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Heidi is everything I was hoping for in a yoga instructor. She is kind, knowledgeable and intuitive. Couldn't have dreamed of a better fit for my needs.

Kim C.

Heidi is a gifted psychic healer and is a true asset to our area.  When you can't see a way forward, you're stuck, visit or call Heidi for a session and soon you'll be back on your unfolding path, without so many bumps and bruises along the way.

Bill C.

“You can treat your daily life as mundane and ordinary or you can choose to look inside those routines and find extraordinary moments. Heidi not only achieves this and helps others do the same.”

Susan F.

“Heidi gave me tools and encouragement when I needed it. I appreciate her believing in me and helping me find the right path.”

Sklyar L.

“Heidi possesses so many genuine talents that come through when interacting with those around her. Caring, giving, and sharing her guidance are integral elements in her magic sparkles. We are among the lucky souls that have fallen on her path of love and insight.”

David R.

“Heidi brings light, healing and joy to those around her. She is a truly gifted spiritual healer.”

Steve H.
Heidi Portrait

You need practical tools to navigate the complicated waters of life. Whether its one to one coaching programs, with me or my group classes, I will help you activate your intuitive Superpower so that you can access it easily and effectively. You will then find ease in attuning to and maintaining integrity with your purpose and path. When we receive our guidance effortlessly, we open ourselves to flow and prosperity.

Heidi Diouf


Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Trust can be a high ring to reach for at different passages in our life.…

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The Power Of Shared Experience

The Power of Shared Experience

Recently I traveled to Spain with my husband. We decided to see several cities in…

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Could My Superpower Work Against Me?

Could my Superpower work against me?

I recently lead a day long women’s retreat in San Francisco. I taught them different…

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Ugly Sweater Alert

Ugly Sweater Alert

Observe the beauty in the ugly... Sometimes we can focus on our weakness, our fatal…

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I engage in creative opportunities with others to achieve abundant success.

Heidi • Intuitive Breakthrough Coaching


I am a divine expression of perfection.

Heidi • Intuitive Breakthrough Coaching


My transformation is a delightful wonder.

Heidi • Intuitive Breakthrough Coaching

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Heidi Diouf

Intuitive Breakthrough Coaching

Thank you for taking the time to send me your inquiries on upcoming events, classes or to learn more about my inspirational lectures for your business.


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