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Loving Our L.I.M.I.T.s

Loving our L.I.M.I.T.s

I love to take yoga Saturday mornings 7:30am with my mentor. It’s a small intimate group and the meditation, breathing and active yoga practice engages me to be especially present and focused. Before class started my friend came up to share a story. He was lamenting that his lower back had been feeling tight so he got acupuncture one day and followed the next day with massage. His back went completely out on him the next day and for his weekend. I sensed his frustration and disappointment with his body’s limitations. I knew this observation of my friend was important but didn’t have time to process it as class was about to begin. I focused went inward and remained attentive to my breath and movement throughout class and really paid attention to my limits—particularly when I would come close to “my edge.” I did not go beyond it. I saw people on my right and left that could go further into “hanumanasana”—the splits. I remained vigilant to listening to the availability of my body to get into my splits, stay in the pose and when to transition out of it. Very powerful to move slow, pay attention to this and stay breathing!

Here’s my takeaway from this:
1—We all have sensitivities to something. Something that triggers us to back off, tiptoe in, ease into the experience.

2—We may want more than what is available, what our body can process.

3—There is a gift in the gap. The gap being what I want vs. what I can
take on.

4—The Key to breakthrough here is GRATITUDE…loving the gap. Love that you want more and you can take in bite sized moments for now. Love that you are willing to experience more AND be grateful for what you CAN experience.

5—By releasing our tendency to judge, diminish ourselves, resist, despise our limitations we can redefine LIMIT>>> Love the Individual Matter It Tells<<<“My unique sensitivity to _______ allows me to experience this much and I am happy with it!” Another way of putting it: “My limitation of experiencing _______ allows me to experience ______and I am grateful because it teaches me ________.

The “matter” is telling you what you need to understand and integrate into your awareness.
Having had the brilliant opportunity to hear my friend’s story then have the yoga experience immediately after illustrated the concept. I am going to go back to him and share that gratitude and ask him to bless his back’s limitations and ask him what his “individual matter”
of his lower back is “telling” him. What is your “limit?” What would you prefer to experience?
How can you be grateful for this “limit?” What is your “Individual Matter Telling” you?

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