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Ugly Sweater Alert

Ugly Sweater Alert

Observe the beauty in the ugly…

Sometimes we can focus on our weakness, our fatal flaws. We get caught up in the “ugly” part of what does not work or fit into our idea of perfection. Our gratitude for the good flies out the window. We may feel shame about the setback, sending us further into a negative tailspin. We can create stories about how others see us or hold us in the “ugly.”

I had a dream last night after decorating “ugly Christmas sweater cookies.” In the dream, I was soaring all the toppings into blows to decorate and it dawned on me that none of the sweaters were actually ugly. It was the illusion of ugly that I overplayed onto the sweater. I started looking at things all around me that I once dubbed ugly. Ugly can mean so many things. It can mean worthless, not pleasing to the eye. I started seeing the once ugly as beautiful in its starkness, in its overripeness, in its blemishes. It was as though my sight before was veiled. The switch flipped for me to see both sides as valuable. One cannot exist without the other. By removing my emotional charge on ugly, it revealed the value of it. Seeing the truth in both. The illusion is the negative bias I placed on it. By being open to the beauty, I could understand the gift of the flaw. I became grateful for the ugly and began to reach for more ugly, hungry for more understanding to be revealed to me.

Take a moment to reflect on your biases on what you deem “ugly.” AS yourself how does that illusion of labeling something as ugly serve you? How does it serve how you see ugly in others? Then ask yourself what is the beauty in it? Step back in perspective from it and allow the answer to come to you. White them down. Observe then put into words your gratitude for the new perspective of ugly. How does ugly bless you? It will then reveal the beauty. How can you receive the understanding of the beauty. How does that beauty serve you? Enlighten your understanding? Reveal the illusion of the emotions you placed on it.

Embrace your “inner ugly Christmas sweater.” Receive the benefits it offers. Release the shame and negativity that cages your understanding. Affirm that you are already a divine expression of perfection.

Make a list of what is ugly. Here’s some ideas: fat, blemishes, acnes, tears, wrinkles, folds, rips, scars, tired eyes, exhaustion, bottom of the barrel, not enough, fear, shame, regret, longing, guilt, greed, envy, jealousy.

What is beauty? freedom, expression, vulnerability, softness, acceptance, enough, sparkle, shine, joy, radiance, glow, warmth, love, spoken for, colors, flow, creativity, growth, blossoms, lightness, being, treasured, cherished.

What separates the two? Judgement, criticism, false evidence appearing real, denial, disregard, captivity, past, future, overthinking, rejection…

What allows us to see the value of both and use them for growth? Gratitude, acceptance, wisdom, compassion, understanding willingness, transparency, honesty, integrity…

How can this help be to Activate myself to take Inspired action?
~It can elevate me to see limitless options for expression and appreciation of all aspects of myself. This can offer me greater perspective.
~It can afford me greater opportunities to express more awareness of being. I can access greater realms of consciousness.
~I can elevate myself to emotional freedoms.
~I resonate with higher forms of thoughts.
~I can download spiritual knowing that will enhance my learning, broadening my scope of consciousness.

So I ask you: what is getting in the way of you REALLY using your Superpowers in the world? Your story about the ugly you think you have in you? That does not serve your highest good nor your greatest joy. Invest in a new story that lends truth to your inner and outer beauty and strengths.

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