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"All of the power we need for change and growth is in the present moment."

Heidi Diouf

I engage with the world as a catalyst: one who stimulates and supports change. Throughout my 24 year career of guiding and teaching others to release unhealthy patterns to attain their optimal wellness has provided me a wealth of experience.  
I target my clients’ and students’ pain points to create pathways to move through their self sabotage to greater success.

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Earning my BA in Psychology in 1989 from Wittenberg University initiated my perspective of seeing the backdrop to the depth of life experience.  Furthering my learning, I studied Acupressure, and herbal medicine and got my certification from the Acupressure Institute in March, 1993.

I started doing acupressure with birthing women and dying AIDS/HIV clients as well as general public in 1993. In fully immersing myself in the process of birthing and dying, I became aware of how powerful people are in their most vulnerable states.  It was inspiring to witness strength and beauty when I was so young and new to healing others. This led me to embrace my path of being an Intuitive even when I feared I was not enough.  I received my Master of Intuitive Medicine certification from the Academy of Intuitive Studies in 1997 in Marin County, CA. Since that time I have worked with individuals and groups in cultivating a deeper connection with intuition and spirit medicine.

Embracing my Superpower of intuition on this path enabled me to go beyond what I had learned in lectures, classrooms and books.   As I evolved in my private practice as an intuitive and educator, I believed it was possible to teach others how to embody their self healing powers through intuition, yoga and meditation.

Throughout my career, my voice has been a central element in the healing process sought by my students and clients. The soothing and serene quality of my voice affirms to those in crisis that all is well and everything will be ok.

You need practical tools to navigate the complicated waters of life. Whether its one to one coaching programs with me or my group classes I will help you activate your intuitive Superpower so that you can access it easily and effectively. You will then find ease in attuning to and maintaining integrity with your purpose and path. When we receive our guidance effortlessly, we open ourselves to flow and prosperity.

My students and clients often comment on their experience of feeling calmed through the sound of my voice and intuition informs me to say the right words in the present moment to deliver a message that can be received with compassion.

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