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The Superpower Playbook is an inspirational roadmap to cultivate superhero qualities. Like any helpful map, it has clear directions to identify, access and energize 12 fundamental Superpowers.

+ Practical tools to activate your Superpower

+ Methods to overcome the top 5 blocks to channel your Superpower

+ Inspirational approaches to amplify your Superpower

+ Ways to transform fear into excitement

+ Motivational mindsets to encourage brilliant breakthroughs.

“If you are wanting to Unlock Your Superpowers and play a bigger game in your life and work, grab a copy of Heidi Diouf’s Superpower Playbook. In it, she guides you on a journey of self-discovery that will enable you to tap into your genius and ignite your passion for making positive changes in your life. It’s a powerful read!”

Jane Deuber, CEO of Global Experts Accelerator and Founder of Smart Biz Quiz

“Heidi’s exploration into the different Superpower archetypes is a fresh and relevant take on identifying our strengths so that we can be more available to the larger needs of the time.”

Light Watkins, Author of Bliss More & The Inner Gym

“The Superpower Playbook inspires you to break free of limiting
mindsets so you can channel the strength of your Superpower(s).
Heidi guides you to align with your next Superpower level of

Nicole DeAvilla, author of The 2 Minute Yoga Solution

The Superpower Playbook reminds us about what ignites our Superpower: being of service to others. I highly recommend this book to amplify your Superpower to its greatest degree for the highest good of yourself and the world. Heidi gives you the tools to empower your thoughts and breakthrough limitations to get there.

Caterina Rando, Founder: Thriving Women in Business Community
Publisher: Thriving Women in Business Magazine, author Learn to Power Think

“Heidi Diouf brings a lot of warmth, wit, and wisdom to her writing and teaching and has a knack for helping others to recognize their unknown Superpowers. If you are looking to turn up the volume on the positives in your life, The Superpower Playbook will be a great tool for discovering your Superpower(s) and putting them to good use in your work and your relationships with yourself and others.“

Laura Burian, Professor of Chinese/ English Translation & Interpretation, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey Professional musician

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Heidi Diouf

Intuitive Breakthrough Coaching

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