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We can do this by phone, online live meeting or in-person reading.  

Contact me for free 30 minute session to see if this is a fit for your needs.

+ I will give you practical, effective tools to elevate your thoughts about yourself.

+ You will complete action steps toward completing each of your goals.

+ We will remove limiting beliefs and seen/unseen blocks out of your way so you can stay on your path toward living your purpose prosperously.

+ You will awaken to a deeper awareness of how you hinder your growth and how you can nourish your path of possibilities.

+ You will develop positive mental and intuitive habits that will stick permanently.

+ I energetically hold and visualize you as powerful for the full three months, when we work together, as well as when you are working on your own.

Live Phone/Online/In-Person Private Recorded Reading: $150/hr or $225 per 90 minutes

3 month Customized Intuitive Breakthrough Program $500/ month for:

Two 90 minute sessions, Gratitude and Breakthrough journaling and Regular recorded meditation practice

Schedule your session.



Illuminate your intuition

Become a spiritual detective and use your intuition to master and manage energy flow with ease…

We will explore our intuition in this 6 week intensive including energy centers in the body, aura, and grounding in a peaceful, like-minded community. Each class includes lecture time, practical tools, and group meditation. 

You will learn to master:
1) Practical tools to consciously ground and center yourself anywhere in present time.

2) How to Filter unwanted energies you encounter regularly that drain you.

3) Keys to amplify your intuition and access your body’s deep wisdom for practical guidance and efficient decision making

4) How to access Natural Healing Energies to accelerate your body’s natural self healing process.

Next class series starts:

May 6th at 6pm for 6 weeks

6 Week Class: $257

Classes are recorded and available to download for paid students 24/7.

There are six modules of classes that span over a year study. 36 classes for total completion of Academy and graduation. Each series is 6 weeks long and meets once a week. You will have health work and daily awareness exercises to complete each week. Each series builds on the knowledge of the prior series. 

Heidi Diouf-Inspirational Speaker


I speak to your audience’s needs bringing my 24 year experience of teaching and guiding clients to pivotal breakthroughs. I can open for meetings, events or retreats to warm, awaken and activate your group with your desired intention. I will address their blocks and offer accessible tools and mindset shifting techniques to inspire and motivate positive change.

Learn more about my speaking events

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Corporate and Small group motivational team building

I started giving motivational talks and team trainings to embolden Superpowers to Athleta, local community organizations and bookstores. If you have a team or community that could use an extra boost of inspiration to motivate your members’ Superpowers, please email or call me. I am eager to make this go viral.

Corporate Team Training: $1000 per day

Contact Heidi at (831) 521-8123 to learn more or schedule your group or company.

yoga pose


Hatha Yoga level 2 on Tue/Thur 8:30-9:45am, space limited.

Contact Heidi to assure there is space and you are at appropriate level.



Upcoming Retreats:

Hiking-Yoga at St Francis Retreat Center
*Saturday August 24, 9am-4pm AND
*Saturday, December 21, 9-4pm

Past Retreats

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Heidi Diouf

Intuitive Breakthrough Coaching

Thank you for taking the time to send me your inquiries on upcoming events, classes or to learn more about my inspirational lectures for your business.


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